A fed bear is a dead bear

The consequences of humans feeding bears

re: Globe and Mail article (1 Sep 2010) “BC devises plan to get grow-op bears to return to the wild.”

The truth is harsh but true.  If you want to save each and everyone of these bears then everyone that they encounter for the rest of their lives will have to give them huge amounts of dog food or they will get ‘anxious’.

These bears are habituated and from my experience the likelihood of ‘saving’ them is remote indeed.  These bear-loving people are actually harming the bear.

Leave them to their natural food.

Mounties in B.C. were stunned to discover a platoon of bruins standing sentinel on a huge garden of illicit smoke in sight of southeastern B.C. RCMP handout/ The Globe and Mail

Read the full article from the Globe and Mail here.

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