Install bear-proof garbage dumpsters, bear problem goes away

Mike Orlando of the Floria Fish and Wildlife Commission demonstrates new bear-proof garbage containers, along with Laurie Macdonald of Defenders of Wildlife.

Helping Florida Residents Be Black Bear Aware
by Caitlin Leutwiler

One man’s trash is a Florida black bear’s treasure. And unless you take action to keep your garbage out of reach, you could play host to one of these furry foragers over and over again. Fortunately, Defenders is on the job. As part of our efforts to help Sunshine State residents live safely in bear country, we provide support for placing bear-proof dumpsters in locations around the state. Watch this video to learn more about our dumpster project in De Leon Springs State Park–and the instant results it saw–from Defenders’ Laurie Macdonald and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Mike Orlando.




4 thoughts on “Install bear-proof garbage dumpsters, bear problem goes away”

  1. That is a hiddeous dumpster. Did you have to buy the ones that look like they were made with prison labor and will chop off your hand at any given moment? Why didn’t you buy dumpsters from the professionals like Bearsaver or someone. I used the Bearsaver dumpsters up in Yosemite, they are really great and easy to use. Even kids can use them confortably. No worries about chopping off any limbs! Good to see where my money went!

  2. Also, what guarantee do you have that the users will put the clips back in place after they are done? Epic Fail!

  3. Thanks for your comment. Just to clarify, we are not promoting any one brand of dumpster nor do we stand to gain from their sale. Our concern is that people need to remove attractants. Thanks.

  4. The Fish and Wildlife official in the video pointed out that the dumpsters seemed to be working, but you raise a good point.

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