Bear Aware in Colorado

John Martin of FOX21 News writes about a Colorada neighbourhood that recently had a visit from a bear.

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. — Most of the folks living in the Skyway Neighborhood are accustom to living in nature. It’s not a surprise to see a deer or two lounging in the yard under a shade tree. But recent reports of an aggressive bear in the area has some paying residents extra attention.

“Every time I hear a noise I’m like, what was that,” said Lori Crozier as she worked in the yard. “And we’re right next to a trail to so we’re keeping our eyes peeled.”

But others take the bear warning with a grain of salt.

“Everyday there’s a bear here,” said Michelle Bartlett in the same neighborhood. “It’s just one person spotted it, or a handful of people. We’re in their territory and we’re just trying to coexist.”

But to reiterate, the latest sighting of one bear was a reported aggressive sighting. So the question was posed to some in the area, do you know what to do if it happens to you?

“Never have I had that opportunity,” said Bartlett. But I’m sure walk away quietly and slowly.”

“Don’t run for one,” said Crozier. “Just wave your arms and hope they go away. If they don’t then you might have a problem.”

But the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website has tips for you if you ever encounter, or are encountered by a bear.

(1) Stand still, stay calm, and let the bear identify you and leave.

(2) Never run or climb a tree.

(3) If the bear doesn’t leave, wave your arms slowly over your head and talk calmly.

(4) And if the bear approaches, do not play dead. Fight back with anything available. People have successfully defended themselves with knives, trekking poles, and even their bare hands.

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